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Acer Projector Repair in Kathmandu

Acer is a Chinese company that started its business initially as the distributor of electronic parts and consultant to microprocessor technologies, but over time it emerged as a computer manufacturer. The projector models of Acer include Short throw business and education projector, Pico Projector, Laser projector, LED portable and pocket projector, Home Theater and Entertainment projector, DLP projector, and many others.

Acer Service Nepal is the one and only Acer projector service center in Kathmandu. Along with the service center, it is an Acer projector dealer and also certified Acer professionals. We are a service center with 11 years of experience in the field of Acer Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, and Projector service in Kathmandu, Nepal. We provide all types of service at the best cost with our expert technical team.

Related service of Acer Projector Repair in Kathmandu:

  • The projector not turning on
  • Projector overheating
  • The projector image is discolored
  • Lamp problems
  • The projector turns off unexpectedly
  • Fuzzy Image or Excessive Visual Noise
  • Lines / Dots on the image
  • Shadows appear on the image
  • Projector inputs not working etc.


We have other branches that are guru computer and nepguru. we are not only Acer projector repair center in Kathmandu Acer service Nepal provides Acer laptops repair, Acer tablet repair, Acer desktop repair, and other accessories in one place. Acer projector repair in Kathmandu is always best for customer services.

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    What Our Clients Say?

    Best Chromebook, great with streaming videos in HD. Faster processing time and lightweight.

    Subash Timalsina
    Acer ChromeBook User

    I bought this for movies while traveling, and the resolution is good. Great storage space.

    Bishnu KC
    Acer Tablet User

    It’s one of the best laptops for students. Low-cost one with good performance.

    Kabita Thapa
    Acer Laptop User