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Acer laptop repair center in Kathmandu

The Taiwanese company, Acer Inc. was founded by Stan Shaih in 1976. Which is famous for multinational electronic and hardware corporations. Lots of products like desktops, projectors laptops, etc. with the perfect combination of price, quality, and performance specifications it has famous all over the world. However, despite the device’s strength and reliability, lots of factors like mechanical, electrical, or even user put it out of service, sometimes it may damage or broke worthily.

Acer laptop repair center in Kathmandu

In the context of this era, the use of a laptop is increasing day by day as an essential item. Most of the students, businessmen are familiar with laptops. If any damage or related problem happens in Acer brands, you will ask yourself, are there any Acer laptop service centers in Kathmandu or Acer laptop repair center near me. That is reliable? Yes, we “Acer laptop service Nepal “have a trained team with OEM standard computer repairing lab.

Acer service Nepal is the one and only expert Acer laptop service center in Nepal. When we talk about our laptop repair procedures like diagnosing the trouble, finding the correct troubleshooting method, estimating & contacting the customer, and starting the repair.  The team of Acer laptop service in Kathmandu repairs your device quickly and directly but, in the case of damaging parts and availability of necessary spheres in our store. We didn’t use any third-party and duplicate parts inside your device. In the case of unavailable parts, we will call you for 1-2 days to complete the laptop repair.

If you need the servicing, repairing, and maintenance of your laptop in Kathmandu. You need a professional service engineer, call or email the Acer laptop service center in Kathmandu. and let us know what the issue is; we will be happy and thankful to help you to repair the Acer laptop in Kathmandu.

Acer laptops are famous all over the world because of their affordable price and quality product, which make them a fairly common laptop choice for both home and business purposes.

Services of Acer laptop service center in Kathmandu.

Acer Service Nepal provides various categories of services in Kathmandu some of them are listed below: Acer showroom: if you are planning to buy a laptop, printers, projectors, or other accessories for your home or business it doesn’t matter. We are always ready for providing support all over the country. You can buy our showroom on the new road, Kathmandu.

Acer Customer Service in Nepal: you can reach the below for any kind of Acer, number or email laptop repair center in Kathmandu. for questions on Acer products, repair, upgrade, warranties, or purchase of Acer laptops, tablets.

For more information,

Acer laptop repair center in Kathmandu, Newroad – Kathmandu

Phone: +977 9745610310

Email: [email protected]

Acer Technical support in Nepal – Acer service Nepal is always for solving your problem related to Acer products. If you need any types of hardware and software-related support just call us and let us know about your problem.

Acer Drivers support in Nepal – To download any drivers for your Acer products whether notebook, laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, or monitors you can contact us.

Acer online store in Nepal – Visit Acer laptop repair center in Kathmandu’s website to buy any products of Acer. Also, you can purchase netbooks, smartphones, warranties, tablet accessories, notebook bags, batteries, data storage, power adapters, memories, and much more. You can also find exclusive offers/discounts here.

Acer laptop repair center in Kathmandu | Repair Services related

  • Acer laptop servicing
  • Battery Replacement
  • Replacing a laptop screen
  • Repair & Replace Motherboard
  • Replace keyboard
  • Replace RAM
  • Operating System installation
  • Leaning Viruses
  • Re-flashing Bios
  • Ports replacement
  • Body repair
  • Upgrade hardware
  • Replacing laptops






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    What Our Clients Say?

    Best Chromebook, great with streaming videos in HD. Faster processing time and lightweight.

    Subash Timalsina
    Acer ChromeBook User

    I bought this for movies while traveling, and the resolution is good. Great storage space.

    Bishnu KC
    Acer Tablet User

    It’s one of the best laptops for students. Low-cost one with good performance.

    Kabita Thapa
    Acer Laptop User