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Acer accessories in Kathmandu | Introduction: The accessory is a part of an electronic device that supports the other performance of equipment. There are many products of Acer company such as laptops, tablets, computers, printers, projectors, etc. Accessories are always needed for every device to support the long terms user experience. Normally we never change a device when some issue occurs. Considering the user facts, companies always produce all the components for the new device after lunch.

Firstly, the laptop is the most popular product of Acer company, it has a lot of components such as a laptops ( mouse, keyboard, screen, battery, adapter, motherboard, ports, housing, RAM, ROM, touchpad, fan, camera, etc). The  Acer has other products too such as a desktop computer (monitor, power supply, motherboard, CPU, RAM, ROM), printers (filter kits, carriage assembly, wiper blade, Cartridge, VIDEOJET, Inkcore Connector), Projectors (Speaker, cooling fan, motherboard, Polarizer lens, FOCUS LENS) Etc.

Acer accessories center in Kathmandu

Acer service Nepal is the only Original accessories provider center in Kathmandu, which has been selling Acer parts and spheres for more than 10 years. There are many stores in Nepal that cells electronic components, however, it is hard to believe due duplicate parts are sold on the market. We are located at the heart of Kathmandu New Road, PIPALBOT. We always provide original Acer parts and spheres of different devices to support customer requirements.

Acer service Nepal always focuses on customer satisfaction and support while working with us so, we provide a warranty according to the products. We strongly recommend that you not buy your Acer device’s parts and spheres from a local store or dealer because duplicate parts can harm your device as well. Acer service Nepal has worked with more than 100 companies as a parts provider and got positive feedback. Due to our hard work and dedication, we can reach here and served you as  Acer accessory in Kathmandu.


Acer accessories in Kathmandu provides different services for the acer user customer. Our all services are in favor of customer’s supports and better working experience with us.  We have other coordinate partners such as Guru computer solution, Guru Institute. As we already said that we have different services that are mentioned below;

Acer Customer Service in Nepal

Our service center provides customer support service in Nepal. Contact us for your laptops, printers, projectors and other Acer-related products. For your kind information you can visit our location, Message, call or email us on given details of our Acer service Nepal.

Contact: – +977 9745610310

Email: –  [email protected]

Location: – Kathmandu, Newroad, Pipalbot

Acer Technical support in Nepal: Acer service center in Kathmandu, responsibility to check out your device and find out problem Acer companies related products. It is a free service for Acer user customers all over Nepal. Even you can take information about your problems by contacting us. If you experience some issue on your device, we are here for your hardware and software-related service with advanced and latest repairing technology.

Acer online store in Nepal: Acer accessories center in Kathmandu has its own store in New road, we provide all Acer-related products with warranty and further support promises. For online purchasing, you can go through our website that is “Acer service Nepal”. We sell Acer products such as laptops, tablets, projectors, printers, and other accessories.

Genuine Parts and Warranty: We are sure for providing geniuses parts and spheres of Acer company. We also grant a warranty for every product which is available in our store. Feel free for choosing us, because we are the only Acer service in Nepal.








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    What Our Clients Say?

    Best Chromebook, great with streaming videos in HD. Faster processing time and lightweight.

    Subash Timalsina
    Acer ChromeBook User

    I bought this for movies while traveling, and the resolution is good. Great storage space.

    Bishnu KC
    Acer Tablet User

    It’s one of the best laptops for students. Low-cost one with good performance.

    Kabita Thapa
    Acer Laptop User