Power Jack Issues

Power Jack Issues

Power Jack Issues
  • Mar 20, 2022
  • by Admin

Power jack issues

One of the most important parts of any laptop is the DC power jack because it allows you to charge your laptop battery.  If it fails, your laptop will lose power and you cannot turn it on. There are a lot of ways that the power jack can be damaged but the most common one is pulling out the power cord suddenly.

This damages both the power cord and the jacks on your Acer laptop. Constant use of a damaged power cord can corrupt your laptop and causes you an electrical hazard too. This may require quick replacement of your laptop’s power jack. You can contact us for the replacement of the power jack.

Some symptoms of power jack issues are as follows:

  • The power flickers on and off
  • Switching between adaptor and battery power
  • The power jack only works at a certain angle
  • The battery won’t charge properly
  • The laptop shuts down suddenly etc.

Some other Laptop issues we serve include:

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