Keyboard Issues

Keyboard Issues

Keyboard Issues
  • Mar 20, 2022
  • by Admin

Keyboard issues

Keyboards can be damaged easily. If the keyboard stops working or keys aren’t working and cause issues like a letter keeps repeating, or the keyboard won’ type, you may have a keyboard problem. There could be two types of keyword issues, there’s a hardware issue with the keyboard or software issues.

Acer Service Nepal can solve both types of keyword issues. If it’s a hardware problem we cleaner over the keys to remove dust and clean the keyboard. If it’s a software issue we update your keyboard device driver. If both processes are not working we can replace your keyboard with a new one so that your Acer laptop will be in perfect condition again.

Common Keyboard issues are as follows:

  • Specific keys stop working
  • The keyboard turns on but won’t function at all
  • Keys keep jamming while typing
  • Each key press causes repeats
  • Keyboard has the wrong character output
  • Key presses respond too slowly
  • Keyboard shortcuts aren’t working
  • Keyboard backlighting or RGB lighting is not working etc.

Some other Laptop issues we serve include:

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