Blinking light issues

Blinking light issues

Blinking light issues
  • Mar 22, 2022
  • by Admin

Blinking light issues

A blinking projector screen can distract viewers completely to focus on the content. A constantly blinking red, orange, and green light on your Acer projector usually indicates some messages like replacing the lamp, overheating, or it is the time for cleaning the lamp, etc. If the blinking light is accompanied by the switching on or off the problem, then there can be an issue with the mainboard or ballast failure or there is a problem with the replacement fans.

Some common causes of blinking light issues are as follows:

  • Power Source
  • Damaged bulb
  • Damaged lighting components
  • Dust increase on the projector’s color wheel
  • Damaged video cable or loose cable connections
  • Issues with Refresh rate, Frame rate, resolution, etc.

Some other projector issues we serve include:

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